Amazing New High-Tech Devices

Knock knock!

This door lock works like most devices with a biometric scanner. You can programme up to 120 fingerprints directly from the keypad, eliminating the need for a PC. The handle can be positioned on either the left or right to accommodate most doors and will lock automatically.

Music from the bricks

It doesn’t have a widescreen multi-touch interface or an accelerometre that can change the image depending on which way you turn it, but it looks like a LEGO! Can an MP3 player be any cooler? Buttons are incorporated into the design just like the nubs that would work to interlock the blocks in an actual Lego. There are volume, pause, play, forward and backward controls as well as an on/off button. Primary colours of blue, red, yellow, green and white are available and work on a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to six hours of play time. There is no on board memory, but songs can be stored on microSD cards up to maximum 2GB.

Flash like never before

Microsoft is currently working on its new StartKey portable flash drive that will see action at the end of this year, storing essential information like a user’s Windows profile, applications, and settings, making it portable wherever s/he goes. This StartKey can even go so far as to carry an entire bootable installation, making computing more portable than ever. StartKey technology is not limited to just USB flash drives as Microsoft wants to make it compatible with different flash m

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