Alpha turns Camaro replica into desktop PC


Check out the latest addition to the Chevy Mall. It’s a PC thats been built into a 20-inch long replica model of the popular American muscle car Chevorlet Camaro. Unlike your typical PC, there are a number of customisable options. These range from the colour you’d like your Camaro to be (just like buying a car) to the amount of RAM and size of hard drive underneath the hood.
A hood ornament serves as the power switch, working headlights and taillights indicate you’re up and running, and DVDs slot into the front bumper. A full array of ports is out in the back, and along with your dual-core Atom chip you can rev up to 8 GB of RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and Windows 7 Home Premium. The pricetag being $1,239.99 isn’t exactly cheap but if you’ve long been a Camaro fan, we know you’ll want to add this to your collection.

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