Aerius – Solar-Powered Electric Supercar

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark, 2004)
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rs are continuously working on extending the range of electric vehicle. According to designer Pei-Cheng Hsieh of the Monash University, there’s a necessity to equip vehicle with solar panels.

He decided to design his own vehicle and called it Aerius. The concept electric car shows how the proposed technology works.

The vehicle was designed for the year 2025 and it shows the performance of race cars combined with the latest green energy producing technologies.

Because the vehicle has in-wheel motors in the rear it is more lightweight and the decision to place on-board motors on the front means better handling.

Solar panels are installed on top of the car. These panels are used to recharge onboard carbon nanotube super-capacitors in order to increase the range of Aerius.

In his design you can see that Pei-Cheng Hsieh was influenced by Formula 1 race cars. He also developed efficient aerodynamics so the vehicle would consume less energy.

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