Absolutely clueless on how to solve this…

Hi everyone, I’m a college student enrolled in an astronomy course, and simply put, science and math in general are both quite possibly the two things I’m worst at! Anyways, I have a test coming up and our professor gave us a practice test, and after a lot of studying, I was able to figure out most problems. This one, however, I have spent the past two ours trying to solve with no luck:

Suppose you wanted to calculate the gravitational force exerted by Jupiter on a 4.0-kg baby at the
moment of her birth. What is the minimum distance possible distance between the baby and Jupiter?
Under what circumstances would that occur? What would be the magnitude of the gravitational force
Jupiter exerts on the baby under those conditions?

It’s from the chapter on Kepler’s three laws, and I know that at some point this equation should be used:
Fg=G x mm (mass of two objects) divided by distance squared

As said before, this is a practice problem, so I’m not trying to get anyone to solve my homework for me, I was just hoping someone here could walk me through this! Thanks!


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