A Written Asignment About Time

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

I was assigned to write sort of like an essay and the topic I was give is "Time". As simple as that. It needs to include front cover, introduction, body, references, conclusion, so on and so forth. It’s due this coming Thursday.

2. Relevant equations

No equations needed. It’s a written assignment.

3. The attempt at a solution

My professor wasn’t specific about what he wanted me or my classmates to write about. The way we write about "time" is up to us. I’ve been thinking about it to try and find a way to approach it. So far I looked up in the internet and found several webpages describing how mankind started measuring time using water clocks, sun dials, and so on and so forth. It was a bit difficult at first because when I looked about time related things I’d get Stephen Hawking’s publications, which is far beyond my level of comprehension for now. The most helpful thing I’ve read is a book I found in amazon titled "Time Explained: A Proposed Alternative Model For Time and a Universal Law" authored by Michael N. Adrigole. I don’t really know if his view on time is accurate or is accepted by the scientific community. Actually it’s the first time I come across the term "unidirectional change". It did give some ideas as of what to write about but I’d like to look for more sources of information. I still am not clear as how to give a structure to my written paper or essay, and I just have some of the content and an introduction I’d like to improve.

I’m not looking for people to do this for me, but I’d appreciate if I could receive some orientation as to how to approach it, or some ideas or inspiration. I am very thankful for the attention given to my request and your kind help.


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