A cure for clashing qubits: Researchers successfully entangle different-color photons

(Phys.org) —While two-photon interference is an important way of entangling independent identical photons, it does not handle different-color photons with the same aplomb. Recently, scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China developed time-resolved measurement and active feed forward, and in a groundbreaking achievement used these techniques to successfully entangle two independent photons of different colors for the first time. The researchers reported two key findings: They showed entanglement with a varying form for different two-photon temporal modes through time-resolved measurement, and converted the varying entanglement into uniform entanglement using active feed-forward. Moreover, the scientists state that their study also provides a potential solution to the frequency-mismatch problem characterizing the interconnection of dissimilar quantum systems in future quantum networks.

from Phys.org: Physics News http://ift.tt/QFlT7G

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