A 10-Point Plan for Smartphones (Without Being Overwhelmed)

The New Galaxy S5 Mini Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini the latest and greatest of its kind? When do you upgrade your cellphone? Serious consideration should be given to your needs and what you plan to do with your cell phone. In late July 2014 Samsung will roll out the new Galaxy S5 mini, and fans around the world are anxiously awaiting its arrival. Fans of the Galaxy S phones will have to wait until the last week in July this year to get their hands on the latest version of the Galaxy S5 mini, but there will be no shortage of people upgrading as soon as they are on the store shelves. The Galaxy S5 mini by Samsung is smaller, but just as functional as it’s bigger brother the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini follows the companies pattern of releasing a smaller mini version of the Samsung Galaxy. Set to launch around the world at the end of July, the Russians will get the first chance to buy it. The Samsung S5 mini Galaxy is .6 inches smaller then it’s big brother which measures 5.1 inches diagonally. Samsung is smart to still include its most popular applications and cellphone features. It will still have a heart rate monitor like the original larger Galaxy S5. But many of the specs have changed.
What You Should Know About Phones This Year
A reduction in the phone’s resolution to 720 by 1280 pixels doesn’t seem to hurt it’s performance. A lighter version processor will be featured.
What You Should Know About Phones This Year
There is a buzz among fans of the Galaxy, as Samsung announced that the S5 mini will feature a battery that has the capacity to go all day and night without needing a charge. One of the coolest features on the new S5 mini is the 8MP camera, which takes excellent pictures. Video and pictures are crisp with the newest version of the Galaxy S5 mini, so unless you are a professional videographer, this phone will get the job done. The loyal base android users repeatedly look to Samsung Galaxy phones for quality and reliability, and I don’t think they will be let down with this offering either. One of the most popular and favorite features of the Galaxy phones is the ability to play your mp3 audio files, and the Galaxy series of cell phones by Samsung are great little mp3 players, just add your favorite app and dance the night away with your, S5 mini mp3 player.

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