9-axis Wireless Motion Sensor and SDK

Waseda University
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This nine-axis motion sensor comprises three-axis acceleration, angular velocity, and earth’s magnetic field sensors. Up to 28 IMU-Zs can be connected using Bluetooth or CAN. By attaching several sensors to the human body, they can be used for detailed measurement of movement, or R&D on user interfaces.

“The e-nuvo IMU-Z features an SDK, enabling users to develop their own applications. The basic package, which includes one sensor and the development environment, is priced below 300,000 yen. An academic package is also available, and that costs less than 200,000 yen.”

This product is a commercial version of part of the Human Measurement Sensor System, from Waseda University‘s Takanishi Lab. It doesn’t require external equipment such as a camera or lighting, and it’s compact and lightweight. So this sensor enables the movement of people and robots to be measured in 3D without hindering motion performance.

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