5 Web Development Flaws That Can Hurt Your SEO Rankings

In web development, there are 3 things that you should consider- the User Experience, Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are planning to have an amazing designed website, it will indeed affect the SEO in a negative way. If you are thinking that a beautifully-designed website will attract you more visitors, you should realize that the design is not the only factor to generate visitors.

Nowadays, web developers and designers sacrifice the design features to consider the optimization. You don’t really need to give up on the design but instead you should try to work them together. SEO, nowadays, is very crucial and to avoid problems and issues, here is a guide on the top 5 Web development flaws that can hurt your SEO rankings. It is better to avoid the practice of the following to benefit your website.Word cloud - web design

  1. Poor Navigation of Website for Crawlers and Users

To enable the search engine spiders to index and crawl the website correctly, it is very important to have an internal linking. You should not neglect the proper navigational standard including the footer and header navigations. This will result to poor indexation of webpages and will make your webpage not to appear in top ranking list of Google. It is very important to have an organized content and to structure the page navigation accordingly.

  1. Too Much Flash

Flash makes your website attractive but it is badly indexed by Google and other search engines. It doesn’t mean you can’t put flash at all, but avoid using too much flash. You can create a single flash with an amazing marketing message by combining images, text and videos, but remember one is enough.Web Development

  1. Overuse of Images instead of Important Elements

By using images as the main form of navigation, they will be identified by Google or other search engines even without their true functional purpose. Also, navigation in pure text is not a good way as well. Instead, try making text over images techniques by using CSS.

It is not also recommended to use images with headers. It may look awesome but it doesn’t work with SEO. Header is the highlight of the webpage which includes your keywords but using images will hurt the overall of the page.

  1. Splash Pages

Splash pages are barriers for SEO. It can be cool and eye-catching but it devalued the content or in worst ignored by the crawlers. It is best not to include splash pages in your site or if it is a must-have, just add more textual content in the page’s body about 400 – 600 words. Even more now with the latest Google update.

  1. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups is really annoying in webpages not only for visitors but also for search engines. These pop-ups are usually ignored by many users and closed the moment they’ve pop up. Additionally, the search engines don’t even index the pop-up as part of website. It is best not to include pop-ups in your webpage at all to benefit your visitors and for the sake of optimization.

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