5 Health Inventions in 2013 Helping Nurses

Dermatology & Cancer

nurses who work in the offices of dermatologists there is a new
device arriving soon that discovers melanoma without the need for a biopsy
.  The machine scans the surface of the skin
using electromagnetic wavelengths to scan the surface in an effort to discover
any signs of skin cancer.  This is also
great for the patient, because it helps to avoid unnecessary surgery where the
search for skin cancer is concerned.


the question of what is a
clinical nurse leader
involves knowledge of the technology
currently being used in medical applications.
There are a whole lot of new and exciting technological innovations
coming out that are going to be game changers in the medical field.

Chronic Headaches

For those
who suffer from headaches under a nurse’s care it has become possible to
alleviate that headache without the typical regimen of aspirin.  This comes by way of an electronic device
that blocks pain through the facial nerve bundle which is implanted on the side
of the head that is most often afflicted with headaches.


free diabetes care, in the form of blood sugar testing
, that
does not require needles is about to go mainstream in the medical world.  In no time at all a patient can have their
blood sugar measured without the need to draw blood, making for a very safe and
effective regimen to be implemented by a nurse.


Remote Assisted Physicals

One of the things that can help out a nurse in a very big way is a new device
that allows for robotic checkups.  This
means that one Doctor can interact with many patients remotely, and that the
nurse in question can facilitate the use of the robot.  This device will both interact with and
analyze patients in real time, allowing the Doctor to make sure that everything
is alright.  This sort of advancement has
been years in the making, and now a nurse practitioner can cut down on their
costs while doctors
can streamline their practice from a remote location, anywhere in the world

Heart / Cardiology

For nurses who practice in the world of cardiology comes a valve job that does
not require surgery, which can be a life saver for many patients.  There are a lot of patients out there who are
too old or just too fragile to undergo being put under for surgery, and this
means that the use of a surgical alternative can be very useful.  Taking the time necessary to look at exactly
what sort of applications this would have from the position of a nurse is very
important, because it may be possible to install such a device without the
assistance of a Doctor.  It is going to
be a while before this technology goes mainstream, but once it does it is going
to be a game changer in the world of nursing.  

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