4 Awesome Facts About Oil Drilling and Physics

If you think that physics and oil drilling do not have a connection, think again. Here is some physics fact that has a great impact on oil drilling.


Rock Distortion

The different rock formations feature geological distortion that is brought about by different types of earth forces. The best two distortions that concern oil drilling include faulting and folding. First, we will talk about the folding which is brought about by the force that comes from plate movement. This type of force causes the folding of the crust and the folding is perpendicular with the direction of the force’s movement. Within a fold, there are two structures. The top is called anticline while the bottom is referred to as a syncline and between the two; the anticline is useful for oil developers as this provides a trap for the oil. On the other hand, fault is a result of compression, tension or shear forces on the crust. This is distinguished by a slippage running on the lines of a fracture plane.


Origins of Petroleum

There are actually lots of debates surrounding the origin of petroleum. Truth be told, the oil lies inside the pore spaces inside the rock. When a rock contains a great amount of petroleum inside it, it will exhibit good porosity. This is the one affecting the oil drilling process. When a rock has good porosity yet it lacks permeability, the recovery process will not just be difficult but it will cost money as well. This is because the presence of high amounts of porosity would seal all the oil inside the rock and the oil drillers will not be able to establish a successful well. In order for a well to be successful, it must have a balance of porosity and permeability with the addition of trap.


Cable Tool Method

The most common method of drilling today is the cable tool method. This method actually involves some concepts derived from physics. In this method, a heavy metal is hoisted high and then released. The reason why the object has to be lifted high is because of the concept that that the higher the position of the object, the faster it will hit the ground. On the other hand, the reason why the object in the other end of the line must be heavy is because of the equation, F=ma wherein F means force, m means mass and a means acceleration. Since the force of acceleration will be gravity, the only way for you to increase the force is to increase the object’s mass.


Reservoir Pressure

This type of pressure is brought about by the fluids located above the sedimentary rocks. When the well is drilled deeper, the more pressure will be provided to the rock formation. Another important physics law to consider for oil drilling is Pascal’s law. This law states that the pressure needs to be in equilibrium but when the rock is drilled, all the fluid inside the formation would want to go up. This is why cable tool method of drilling must be carried out properly and with caution.


So there you go — the four physics fact which has an effect on the oil drilling industry. To know more info about the oilfield industry, visit TradeQuip – your best source of used oilfield equipment.Oilfield_Physics

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