3D Virtual Building Block System Works Without Sensors

A research group at Tsukuba University is developing a virtual building block system. It works by recognizing hand and finger movements with a camera, and outputting 3D shape data.

“This system recognizes the movements of a person’s hand and fingers, or hand and arm, using a single camera. Based on those movements, it manipulates virtual building blocks. We’ve used two cameras here, to make sure that even more minute gestures are recognized.”

The system finds the 2D view that looks most like the rapidly changing picture from the camera, and outputs 3D data based on that.”

A added camera can additionally be acclimated as continued as it’s placed erect to the aboriginal one.

“What our accumulation is absolutely absorption on is operating PCs application gestures. In added words, now that 3D TV has arise into the home, we don’t appetite to achieve for aloof watching 3D pictures. We additionally appetite to accredit 3D operation of PCs. When you use a PC in 3D, the 3D icons will arise to float in midair. By manipulating them through gestures, you could accessible and annul files, or enlarge and abate things. We’re additionally cerebration of a arrangement that enables PCs to be acclimated through movements such as axis pages.”

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