3D Multi-Viewpoint Fog Projection Display

Ordinary fog displays use a single projector with fog on a flat surface, but this display uses three projectors, each showing a different picture. So when the observer moves around the fog, they get a three-dimensional view.”
This system utilizes the fact that dispersion of light by fog has directionality. It projects different pictures, from different angles, onto a cylindrical fog screencom. In this way, the 3D form of objects can be recognized from the motion parallax, which is how the view of objects changes depending on the viewpoint.

“The starting point for this project came when we saw a fog display in an amusement park, and wondered if we could come up with something more interesting. As future developments, we hope this system will find applications in healthcare and entertainment.”
“We’d also like to find more useful content, and improve the configuration to make the fog display a bit more stable.”

At Interaction 2011, a research group from Osaka University exhibited a fog display that enables multi-viewpoint observation

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