3D Ball Mill Capable of Efficient Pulverization and Mixing with High-speed 3D Motion

Ball mill
Ball mill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nagao System developed the 3D Ball Mill, a unique ball mill that has rotation axes along both the vertical and horizontal axes.

A ball mill may be a device accustomed produce an excellent finer powder material by inserting the sample (powder) into a instrumentality along with arduous balls fabricated from material like ceramic so rotating the contents to smash them along. a traditional ball mill may be a rotating ball mill that features a hollow instrumentality and rotates in one direction.

Nagao System has designed a ball mill within which the instrumentality, that is found at the intersection of the X and Y axes, is revolved in 3 dimensions victimisation these 2 axes. This action permits the contents to be small-grained at over double the potency compared to standard machines.

“There in all probability don’t seem to be the other ball mills with high-speed 3D motion. antecedently for 3D motion, a motor with separate X and Y axes was required. By employing a pinion and ring gear created of a hollow shaft and rubber contact, we have a tendency to unreal a singular 3D rotation style that’s organized to severally rotate on the X and Y axes at speeds starting from low speed to radical high speed.”

“We spun concerning fifty g of roughly one00-micron powder with 1 kilo of oxide balls. The powder came out fine enough that it will enter between the fingerprint ridges. additionally, the warmth generated was but 5℃, and this technique was evidenced to even have low operative power necessities of but one hundred W.”

Because the 3D ball mill instrumentality moves in its totality, heat is spread creating it troublesome to achieve high temperatures, so this can be favorable for pulverizing additionally as distributing and intermixture material not notably proof against heat like organic material. additionally, the middle of the instrumentality develops a pseudo microgravity state, therefore Nagao System is additionally considering applications that utilize this characteristic.

“What antecedently failed to combine well along can currently combine uniformly. As for what is going to happen moving forward, our dream simply continue to grow. Dry powders that so far might solely be ground all the way down to the micrometer level have the potential to travel from the nano level to the molecular level. A similar microgravity state happens at the intersection of the X and Y axes, therefore area materials like alloys, compounds, and proteins can even be created. we have a tendency to may additionally be able to build new materials and medicines.”

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