3 Sided Flip Phone is Coming Your Way

Kristian Ulrich Larsen’s “Flip” phone is deceptively named. With its three-sided construction it’s a shape-shifter for sure, but it’s definitely no Razr clamshell.
Gadget Lab favorites Yanko Design have brought us yet another piece of industrial design porn with Larsen’s tripartite concept smartphone, the Flip.
In its triangular position (seen above), the phone rests on flat surfaces elegantly, reminiscent of a bedside alarm clock at some futuristic Motel 6. But if you don’t have plans to dream of electric sheep any time soon, the Flip can shift into a slimmer version of itself, collapsing and tucking away one of its three super AMOLED screens between the outer two.
Well, Each screen is said to be Super AMOLED hiding behind Gorilla Glass,with steel mesh acting as hinges-and there is a full QWERTY keyboard somewhere in there too, Is it A Magic! No. It is not, it is the future which will not take much time, so until then enjoy dreamy video.

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