2 forces, net torque

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Two 59.9N forces are applied in opposite directions to the 28.3cm long figure shown. If the angle θ = 29.6°, what is the net torque about the center of mass?

Same question as this:http://ift.tt/1pY83ZE
But it was unresolved?

2. Relevant equations

torque = force * radius * sin theta

3. The attempt at a solution

Got net torque = torque of force 1 + torque of force 2
torque 1= 0.283*59.9*sin 119.6
torque 2= – 0.283*59.9*sin 119.6
net torque = 0
my answer is wrong and I have no clue why. 🙁
assistance and guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


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