Youth Ministry Resources – Stop Cranking Out Resources For Your Ministry

Creating youth ministry resources has become a booming industry over the past few years. Everyone seems to have his or her thoughts about whose materials are best or what you need. While this can seem to be overwhelming, the boom in materials for student ministries is actually a blessing for you as a student pastor. Here is why.

You no longer have to write your own materials. You no longer have to sit in front of your computer and crank out resources for your ministry. While you may enjoy this, it can be time consuming and you have enough on your plate. This takes a lot of time, time that keeps you from what matters most to you and your youth group. What matters most to you family, kids, students and your church? Lighten your load a little bit and use the extra time to hang out with your family or build deeper relationships with your students. How about using this time to spend time with the Lord reading and praying for God to move.

Another advantage of the boom in youth ministry resources is that things are now more affordable. We are all looking for ways to save money in our ministry and your pastor will love you saving money. If you are like me you do not have a lot of money left in your budget for resources. You can find subscription sites that allow you to download materials directly from the Internet. Just find the resources that you like and click on the file and spend time with it making it yours. This is not only cost effective, but it is also time efficient. Not to mention that you are able to use these materials again and again. This is a new convenience compared to when you used to have to order countless books or go to the Christian book store and spend time looking for youth ministry resources.

Finally, it is now easier to find games and studies that fit the needs of your students. In the past you pretty much had to deal with what you can find. Most of the time you had to spend a ton of time making it hard for us to find great resources. Now you are able to pray and wrestle with where your students are at and then locate the youth ministry resources that meet your students exactly where they are.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I have found these points to help me calm down when I see the vast array of materials that we as student pastors have at our disposal. I hope you will begin to see all of it as a gift instead of a hassle. It is a gift someone has spent a lot of time making those resources and you get to spend a couple of hours with it to make it yours. If you do, it will revolutionize how much time you feel you have and how much stress you feel.

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