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Thank you so much for visiting our blog. Our audience is mainly students & researchers from all over the world, and we talk about some tips and experiences that are helpful and inspiring for them.If you are blogger and wants to share some new tips, tricks and new technology trends to our users don’t hesitate to submit us guest post.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Authentic – we cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else on the Internet.
  • We’d like your stories to be a minimum of 600 words please.
  • We require 2 photographs (minimum) in article content.
  • You can also send videos’s, or embed codes for videos you’ve uploaded to Youtube.
  • If possible, please format your writing in HTML – it makes it quicker for us to upload on this side.
  • Originality – All content must be original and between 1000 and 2000 words long.
  • Credits – Add a two sentence credit at the end of the post which begins with your name and can include one link.

After your guest post goes live you should:

  1. Promote your blog post to your readers and followers on your blog and other social media accounts.
  2. Check, read and reply to comments on your blog post.



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