Wire and a loop

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

I really need help with part c of the question…

Consider a long straight wire and a rectangle of wire as shown (see figure). Here the rectangle is a distance d = 4.9 cm from the straight wire at its nearest approach, with length L = 19.0 cm and width r = 7.0 cm (so the far edge is at distance d+r from the straight wire).


a )If a current I1 = 50.0 Amps runs through the straight wire, what is the magnetic flux through the rectangle of wire? (You will need to do a simple integral.)
1.69×10-6 Wb

b) If the current I1 changes at a rate of dI1/dt = 1.100×103 Amps/second, what is the emf induced around the rectangle of wire?
3.71×10-5 V

c) When I1 = 50.0 Amps and I2 = 40.0 Amps, each in the direction indicated with the arrows, what is the net force on the rectangle of wire?

2. Relevant equations


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