Trouble with question

There are three parts to this question, and I am stuck on the last part. The question reads as follows:
a) A pitched ball with a mass of 0.5kg reaches a catchers glove traveling at 35m/s. How much momentum does the ball have?
My answer: Momentum = m(v) (0.5)(35) = 17.5 kgm/s

b) How much impulse is required to stop the ball?

The way I answered this question is that impulse and momentum equal each other when the acceleration is constant, or doesnt change. So I said the impulse equals 17.5 Kgm/s as well.

c) If the ball is in contact with the glove for 0.5 before its motion is stopped, how much force is applied to the glove?

This is the question I am stuck on. I believe my answer is wrong, but this is the way I answered it:
Impulse = F(t) 17.5 Kgm/s = F(0.5)
17.5/0.5 = F = 35 Kgm/s2

I honestly feel like my answer to this third part is wrong. And Im having a really hard time with it.

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