Top 3 Futuristic Technologies in coming years

Title: Top 3 Futuristic Technologies in coming years

Technology is an ever changing term that keeps on getting better and better with time. Here we will discuss some of the most anticipated technologies that are ready to shock the world in coming years (shock in a positive manner). Use of technology is getting wider and wider now. Right from the latest smartphones to vehicles, almost every human being is using some sort of technology in every daily routine task (without realizing even). Technologies that we are going to discuss here will have some resemblance with the ones that we have so far seen in sci-fi movies. With these technologies, we are on the way to turn sci-fi dreams into reality.

Upcoming Futuristic Technologies

  1. TALOS (The Iron Men Suit)

Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit or TALOS is a dream project of US Army. It will be somehow related to the suit that we have seen in famous Iron Men movies. As per the estimates we might see TALOS inducted to US Army within next 4 years itself. This combat suit has all the required features that are needed in any sort of assault. Fire safety, shock proof, ballistic unit will be some add-ons that are ready to give tough times to enemies standing at the opposite end.


  1. Super Maglev Train

When it comes to fast moving trains then Bullet train is the first name that strikes everyone’s mind. In next few years we may see something faster and accurate than Bullet trains even. Termed as “Super Maglev Train” it is going to be the next face of high speed train transportation. It will be based on Maglev technology that will be combined with vacuum sealed tubes for minimum (or negligible) air resistance. As per the reports, such trains might be able to travel with highest speed of 1800 miles per hour even.pi2

  1. High Power Wireless Charging

If everything goes as plan then a team of researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology might come up with real time high power wireless charging mediums (wireless in real sense). Till now we have seen wireless charging in terms of charge supplied through charging pads. There are no means of charging electrical devices without any sort of physical contact. This new wireless technology might eliminate the need of any physical contact (such as charging pad, wires etc). It will be based on Diploe Coil Resonant System (DCRS) that will make the use of magnetic field as core element for charging the devices up to some certain distance. As of now it can charge up to 40 mobiles or a high definition TV up to a distance of 15 feet.pi3

These are some of the futuristic technologies that we might experience in real life very soon. Do let us know your views about what all you want to see in terms of upcoming technologies.

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