Temperature rise after collision

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Determine the fractional decrease in total kinetic energy of each set of asteroids when they collide. If the average specific heat of the material composing the asteroids is assumed to be that of ice (2.05 kJ/kg·˚C), by how much does the temperature of the asteroids rise as a result of the collision in each case?

2. Relevant equations

Before the collision, asteroid A (mass 1,000 kg) moved at 100 m/s, and asteroid B (mass 2,000 kg) moved at 80 m/s. (asteroid b is going i an opposite direction.)

3. The attempt at a solution

After the collision I have
(1,000 kg)(100m/s) + (2,000 kg)(-80m/s)= -60,000/3,000 =20m/s

We havent been taught temperature after collision so this is where i am stuck


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