Relative error of a gieger counter?

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A geiger counter measures 750 counts in 5 min
a) determine the average counting rate and the standard deviation of the counting rate.
b) find the relative error
c) How long would you want to count to get a relative error of 1%?

2. Relevant equations

standard deviation = [itex]\sqrt{}navg[/itex]
relative error = δx/x

3. The attempt at a solution

The average counting rate is 750/5 which is 150 counts / min and the standard deviation is the square root of that which is 12.247. The relative error is 12.247/150 which is .0816 which is 8.16%

I’m not sure how to determine how long you would want to count to get a relative error of 1%

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