Power found from Trimmer

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
The head of a grass string trimmer has 100 g of cord wound in a light, cylindrical spool with inside diameter 3.00 cm and outside diameter 18.0 cm as shown in the figure below. The cord has a linear density of 10.0 g/m. A single strand of the cord extends 16.0 cm from the outer edge of the spool.


When switched on, the trimmer speeds up from 0 to 2 300 rev/min in 0.210 s. What average power is delivered to the head by the trimmer motor while it is accelerating?

2. Relevant equations
I = Icm + MD^2
1/2 m (R1^2 + R2^2)

P = 1/2 I ωf^2

3. The attempt at a solution

can’t figure out a exact one 🙁

please help explain the work you did to find the answer because I can’t get this one at all


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