Positron Emission

Hi, i have a question here, but i dont know how to write a lengthened answer on it. I just know what happens and thats about it.

Questions: A positron can be produced by pair production or by positron emission from a proton rich nucleus.

a) Describe the changes that take place in a proton rich nucleus when it emits a positron.

A nucleus with too many Protons will be unstable, so some of the protons will turn into neutrons, and a positron will be emitted as a result I want to be able to write a more detailed answer, because say for example that was a 2 or 3 mark question in an exam paper, i dont think i will get the full marks.

I also cannot think of a second point for this question:

b) State two ways in which pair production of a positron and an electron differs from positron emission.

-In pair production, an electron is produced along with a positron
-(i cant think of a second way)



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