People Were Waiting For An Earthquake

May 11 in Rome, people were waiting for an earthquake. Deserted, even the famous Chinatown, which are closed shops and local dining.

Proponents of an amateur seismologist, in turn, suggests that it is not his prophecy (polish: trzęsienia ziemi).

His predictions of many people connected with the ” visions” of the Pope, Pius X.
During the meeting with the pope monks slept and no one wanted to wake him up. After some time, Pius X woke up. On his face is terror. Peer to meetings said that what he saw was frightening.

Lorka The village, located about 50 km from the capital of the region collapsed several buildings, including historical. Several dozen people were injured in the hospital, whose building was damaged. The whole town of chaos and panic – reporter PAP reported.

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