Non-uniform electric field and conducting spheres

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Q1. A non-uniform electric field is given by the expression E=3yi+2zj-k.
Determine the electric field flux through a rectangle in the xy plane, extending from x=0 to x=20 cm and y=0 to y=15cm

Q2. A point charge q1 = +5nc is placed at the center of a non-conducting sphere (radius a=3) which has a chrage of Q= -8nc distributed uniformly throughout its volume. find:

a)the electric field at r=2m
b)the electric field for r=5m

If the non-conducting sphere is nw replaced with a conducting hollow sphere,having the same total charge, and the same radius. The cavity has a radius of 0.5m FIND:

C)The electric field at r=2m
D)The electric field at r=5m

2. Relevant equations
Q1. ø=EAcosθ
Q2. Electricfield x area = Qenclosed/epsilon nod

3. The attempt at a solution

My attempts and the all the questions are in the links above

I would really appreciate some help on this PF.

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