Nodal-analysis to find voltage

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Use the node-voltage method to find v1 in the circuit(Figure 1) if i1 = 6.2A and i2 = 1.5A .
Use the node-voltage method to find v2 in the circuit.

2. Relevant equations

G = 1/R

3. The attempt at a solution

Top side going from left to right, I assigned each node as 1, 3, then 2 (because of the way v_2 is assigned).

For Node 1, I had:
(v_1)/40 – (v_3)/8 = 6.2

Node 3:
-(v_1)/8 + (v_3)/80 = 0

Node 2:
(v_2)/120 = -1.5

Solving, I got v_1 = -5.06 V and v_2 = -180 V. These are wrong (obviously). Any assistance would be appreciated.

Moving image to bottom for visibility:

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