Linear Momentum question – Plz help!!

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A 15,000 kg loader traveling east at 20 km/h turns south and travels at 25 km/h. Calculate the change in the loader’s
kinetic energy.
linear momentum.

2. Relevant equations

KE2-KE1 = change in KE

3. The attempt at a solution

20km/hr = 5.56m/s
25km/hr=6.94 m/s

1/2mv2^2 – 1/2mv1^2
1/2 (15000)(6.94)^2 – 1/2(15000)(5.56)^2

b. p(east) = mv1

p(south) = mv2

using pythagorean theorem for the two sides I know I got 133388 kg m/s for the magnitude of the momentum..
Am I doing this right??? I also don’t know if I can just use p(east) and p(south) to find the angle of the momentum – does 83400/104100 = 0.801152737 then inv cos – 36.8 degrees work? Doesn’t sound right to me… Or can I just show the direction using N/E/S/W

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