Infinitely Long Wire with Loop (Magnetic Field)

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

The wires below are infinitely long and some of them are with loops and semi loops. The current I is constant. What is the magnetic field in point O, when R is the distance from it?

In F, E and H, the magnetic field exerted by the terminal infinitely long wire is 0 because it is 180 degrees?
If the loop is a semi-circle, I use B/2? If the loop is a quarter of a circle, then B/4 and so on?

How to solve for G?

2. Relevant equations

B= μI/2R

3. The attempt at a solution

I included in my calculations the magnetic fields of both the infinite wire and the loop.

A: μI/2R Outwards
B: μI/2R + 2μI/4piR Outwards
C: μI/2R – 2μI/4piR Outwards
D: μI/2R – μI/2R +2μI/8piR = 2μI/8piR Inwards
E: 2μI/8piR Inwards
F: μI/2R + 2μI/16piR Inwards
G: ?
H: μI/2R + 2μI/8piR + μI/2R Inwards

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