Remote Control Fighting Robot Cyborgs

These remote controlled fighting robots are called Battroborg 20, and they will be released in Japan on the 14th of July. "The [...]

Robots which help women Shopping Online

A aggregation alleged Fits.Me has afresh presented the apprentice mannequin in a changeable anatomy that helps women aces online clothes [...]

Sushi Robot and Patisserie Robot

Human-powered drill for clean water By Engineering Student

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Latest Invention: Robot that Makes Discoveries on Its Own

Scientists at Aberystwyth University and theUniversity of Cambridge in the UK managed to create world's first robot that can carry out its own experiments, produce [...]

Human-Like Robots to Mimic Human Facial Expressions

British scientists at the University of Bristol developed a copycat robotic head, dubbed Jules. The head is able to mimic the facial expressions and [...]

Robot Legs to Help Factory Workers