Crab pulsar beams most energetic gamma rays ever detected from a pulsar

Astrophysicists have detected pulsed gamma-ray emission from the Crab pulsar at energies far beyond what current theoretical models of pulsars [...]

Cloaking magnetic fields — the first antimagnet

Spanish researchers have designed what they believe to be a new type of magnetic cloak, which shields objects from external [...]

Big machines: 2 radiation generators mark major milestones in helping protect the US

Two remarkable pulsed-power machines used to test the nation's defenses against atomic weapons have surpassed milestones at Sandia National Laboratories: 4,000 firings, [...]

Scientists observe smallest atomic displacements ever

An international team of scientists has developed a novel X-ray technique for imaging atomic displacements in materials with unprecedented accuracy. [...]

NIST achieves record-low error rate for quantum information processing with one qubit

Related images(click to enlarge) Thanks to advances in experimental design, physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have achieved [...]

Los Alamos achieves world-record pulsed magnetic field

Researchers at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory's Pulsed Field Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory have set a new world record [...]

Better ‘photon loops’ may be key to computer and physics advances

Related images (click to enlarge) Surprisingly, transmitting information-rich photons thousands of miles through fiber-optic cable is far easier than reliably [...]

Predicting space climate change

The recent decline in the open magnetic flux of the Sun heralds the end of the Grand Solar Maximum (GSM) that has [...]

Juno space probe prepares for a suicide mission to Jupiter

Nasa's Juno mission to Jupiter, and the mythological roots of its name. Video: Nasa Link to this video A spacecraft destined to [...]

Spacewatch: Juno to Jupiter

Juno, the next spacecraft in Nasa's New Frontiers programme, is now poised for launch atop an Atlas 5 rocket at Cape Canaveral. [...]