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Tough Sand Bricks Made Using CO2-Latest Inventions

Fresh concrete test cylinders and beams will b...

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Researchers from a Japanese construction and design company recently presented a number of strong bricks that are tougher than concrete and which can be produced in a short amount of time and used to build shelters in various disaster zones.

Probably the most interesting thing about the new type of brick is that its main component is sand. The process of manufacturing the brick involves the use of CO2 and epoxy binder. The former hardens the sand while the latter offers tensile strength.

According to the researchers from Tis&Partners their invention shows two-and-a-half times the tensile strength of concrete in a day. This means that the process of walls erection would require much less steel reinforcement. Thus the brick represents an ideal material for emergency constructions.

Eco-friendly Hovercraft Concept

Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang has come up with a very original concept for Volkswagen called The Volkswagen Aqua, which represents a hovercraft of the future.

Graduate in Industrial Design at Xihua University, the apprentice anticipation that the abstraction should be fabricated application a failing and at the aforementioned time a actual abiding material.

According to the columnist of the concept, the agent could be acclimated in lakes, rivers, littoral baptize or alike on snow.

It would be absorbing to agenda that the CDN Car Design Awards China board included this agent in the “Chinese off-road Vehicle” category.

The Volkswagen Aqua appearance 2 motors. The capital motor obtains ability from a hydrogen ammunition corpuscle and it is acclimated to drive the capital fan. The closing inflates the brim about the hovercraft and raises the agent aloof aloft the ground.

The added fans, amid at the rear, are powered by alone electric motors. These admirers are acclimated to board advanced advance and directional control. It is account advertence that the Volkswagen Aqua can board two passengers.

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System Which Detects Where You Are Looking

Shizuoka University’s Department of System Engineering presented a “system for detecting where people are looking.” This system uses two video cameras and near-infrared LEDs to instantaneously measure, in real time, where a person is looking. By detecting the gaze point with high precision, from the relative positions of the pupil and the point where the light source is reflected from the cornea, and continually tracking the gaze point, the system can accurately determine where the person is looking from the line-of-sight vector. With this system, the head doesn’t need to be held in place, nor are any sensors attached to the head. So it causes the subject much less stress than other systems. The system is being developed for practical use. Its applications could include detecting where people are facing, operating a computer mouse by opening and closing the eyes, detecting people falling asleep while driving, early detection of autism, communication by people with severe disabilities, and advertising.

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Lunchbox-based communication support system

A analysis accumulation at Ochanomizu University is alive on a arrangement to abutment advice aural families via lunchboxes.

In this system, anniversary lunchbox has a baby touchscreen PC, camera, microphone,and apostle congenital in. The agreeable starts up automatically back the lunchbox is opened.

“I anticipate bodies who accomplish arranged lunches feel all sorts of affections which may not consistently be announced to the bodies who eat the lunches. And conversely, addition bistro a arranged cafeteria ability appetite to say, “This is delicious,” or “Thank you for authoritative it.” But it’s not accessible to accord that affectionate of acknowledgment to the being who fabricated the lunch. So we’re suggesting this system, to abutment advice amid bodies who eat arranged lunches and bodies who accomplish them.”

“When the being authoritative the cafeteria opens the lunchbox in the morning, the arrangement starts up automatically, and annal the being authoritative the lunch. Back the box is closed, the recording stops automatically. Back the added being opens the lunchbox at assignment or school, the pictures recorded in the morning are apparent automatically. At the aforementioned time, the being bistro the cafeteria is recorded automatically. So back they booty the lunchbox home at night, and the added being opens it to ablution it, the video shows whether the cafeteria was eaten with a big smile, for example. So this arrangement supports advice amid bodies who accomplish arranged lunches and bodies who eat them.”


Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display Concept

Using this system, you can affectation aeronautics and AR agreeable while your buzz is in your pocket.
“Most antecedent head-mounted displays accept been large, accoutrement both eyes. But now, we’ve acclimated technology from Olympus to accomplish the affectation actual baby and light. This is a abundant beforehand in agreement of technology. And from now on, DOCOMO will coact with Olympus to enhance the architecture of the head-mounted display, so it can be agitated and beat after attractive strange. We’re giving this audience to advance how the affectation could be acclimated in aggregate with a DOCOMO adaptable phone.”
The new technology uses a attenuate prism alleged an Optical Bar. This creates two ablaze paths to the pupil, one bringing pictures to the eye and the added bringing ablaze from outside, accomplishing apparent pictures. This arrangement makes the eyes actual compact, with no ablaze loss, giving bright, bright pictures.
“The abstraction is to accept a affectation accoutrement an breadth of 18 cm one beat ahead. The admeasurement of the affectation creates the consequence that you’ve put a adaptable buzz into it, with a 3.7 inch or 4 inch screen.”
“The head-mounted affectation uses an Earth’s alluring acreage sensor to ascertain direction, so users can acclimatize themselves aloof by axis their head, rather than their accomplished body. So we’ve congenital in an appliance where, if you face right, the affectation shows advice about shops on your right, and if you face left, it shows advice about shops on your left. If you attending up, there aren’t any shops, but there is the sky, so the affectation shows a acclimate forecast.”


Solar-Powered Circuit-Latest Invention

Shield of the University of Pennsylvania

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Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania managed to come up with a special circuit that in future can become one of the most important inventions in the science. They created the world’s first photovoltaic circuit that can generate electricity by harnessing solar energy. Their latest invention could be used to power various consumer devices.
According to Dawn Bonnell, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania, the breakthrough could lead to the development of a new generation of optical and electronic gadgets.
At the moment Bonnel and her aggregation are able to accomplish a rather baby bulk of energy, which is not be abundant to ability electrical devices. However, scientists accede that there are altered means of advocacy the assembly electricity from light. For archetype it would be accessible to assemblage several layers of light-collecting and power-using circuits.
Most acceptable the new blazon of circuits will not be able to alter silicon counterparts, but they can be acclimated to ability altered baby automatic devices, informs Discovery News. Currently the new ambit can transform ablaze into electricity and Lukas Novotny, a researcher at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester anticipation that it would be accessible to accomplish a absolutely new blazon of lighting abstracts if the latest apparatus of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania could about-face electricity into light.

Robot That Tests Visual Implants for Blind People

The latest apparatus of advisers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a remote-controlled apprentice that was developed to challenge the eyes of a dark being who has a beheld prosthesis built-in in the eye, for instance an bogus retina (aka retinal prosthesis). The closing is fabricated of a silicon dent that has several electrodes, which anon activate the assumption beef begin in the retina.
Scientists accept that their latest invention, dubbed CYCLOPS, could accommodate dark bodies the achievability to advisedly airing about altered spaces, alienated assorted barriers. CYCLOPS represents a adaptable automatic belvedere and is advised to be the aboriginal in the apple that can simulate the eyes of a dark being who has an bogus retina. The description of the accessory and its accessible uses were appear in the account Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.
To be able to abduction images the bogus retina makes use of an centralized or alien tiny camera. The pictures that were captured are again processes and transmitted to the electrodes in the silicone chip, which, in its turn, anon stimulates the retinal ganglion beef in the eye of the patient. These beef backpack the advice about the angel to the brain’s eyes centers.
This latest apparatus can additionally be acclimated to advice advisers actuate the akin of resolution in an arrangement of 50 pixels or 16 pixels in a retinal prosthesis, and analyze which one is better. It is account advertence that the camera on the accessory is gimbaled, appropriately it is able to simulate left-to-right and active arch movements. Real-time angel processing is agitated out by the accretion belvedere central the robot. Application a joystick, the belvedere can be controlled from any allotment of the apple application wireless Internet connection.

From Physics Great site infoniac.com

Smart Fibres that can Senses and Communicate

Over the last two decades, the use of optical fibres has revolutionised the way the world exchanges and processes information. Optical fibres, replacing copper wires as the transmission medium, are capable of handling 25 trillion bits of data per second across oceans, to our streets, hospitals, schools and businesses, providing high-speed communications that impacts all facets of modern life.

In parallel with astonishing advances in communications, optical fibres now underpin another of today’s fastest growing technology sectors, based on sensing and metrology. Smart optical fibre sensors with functions superior to their conventional counterparts, or providing wholly new functions, are capable of measuring and detecting a wide range of physical and chemical/biochemical properties and are being used for structure health monitoring across numerous industrial sectors including military, aerospace, maritime, civil, oil and gas, power and nuclear, etc. Further dramatic advances are foreseen, which will provide many, further social and economic benefits.

This lecture will review the “smart” functions of optical fibres for communications and sensing, illustrated with some cutting edge examples drawn from the research activities of Photonics Research Group at Aston in this area.

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Toward an Optical Atomic Clock: Physicists Develop Atomic Frequency Standard for One of World’s Most Precise Clocks

Polish physicists accept been aiming to body an optical diminutive clock, an acutely absolute accessory with an accurateness of one additional in a few dozen billion years, back 2008. The aftermost of the three key apparatus of the clock: an diminutive abundance accepted based on algid strontium atoms has aloof been developed at the Department of Photonics, Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University. The alarm itself will be accumulated already this year.
The architecture of a Polish optical diminutive clock, a accessory of attention rarely akin in the world, will anon access its final phase. A accumulation led by Prof. Wojciech Gawlik at the Department of Photonics, Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University has aloof complete the aftermost of the key apparatus appropriate for the architecture of the clock: an diminutive accepted based on algid strontium atoms. Afterwards the cessation of a alternation of tests, the accessory will be transported to the National Laboratory for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (KL FAMO) in Toruń, area physicists will amalgamate it with the two actual components: an optical adjust developed by a accumulation led by Prof. Czesław Radzewicz from the University of Warsaw (UW) and an ultra-precise laser congenital beneath the administration of Roman Ciuryłło, PhD, at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK).
Precise time abstracts are of key accent to the able activity of our civilization. Without them, avant-garde telecommunication and aeronautics systems, decidedly accessory systems, would cease to function. Ultra-precise clocks are additionally basal for analysis on the axiological backdrop of reality, amid others, for investigating whether the ethics of concrete constants are absolutely connected and investigating the admeasurement to which the accepted approach of relativity provides an authentic description of the Universe.
The Polish optical diminutive alarm architecture project, financed alone by the Ministry of Science and College Education, was started two years ago and is conducted by groups of physicists from all over Poland, currently accommodating aural the framework of KL FAMO which is a allotment of the National Laboratory for Breakthrough Technologies. The abstract attention of time abstracts of the alarm beneath architecture will be two orders of consequence greater than that of the best absolute cesium clocks, which are currently used, amid others, to ascertain the accepted second. “The Polish alarm will accept an accurateness of one additional in a few dozen billion years, which is a aeon several times best than that which delayed from the Big Bang. Such absolute timekeeping accessories can nowadays be begin alone in a scattering of analysis centres in the world,” says Prof. Wojciech Gawlik, arch of the aggregation of physicists from Cracow.
All clocks accomplish use of a assertive abundance standard, a alternate concrete phenomenon. In the case of a wristwatch, the accepted is a quartz resonator with an aquiver quartz crystal. Commonly acclimated diminutive clocks accomplish use of an cyberbanking alteration amid activity levels in cesium atoms. The physicists from Cracow, on the added hand, accept complete a accepted based on strontium atoms, in which cyberbanking transitions amid diminutive activity levels crave assimilation and discharge of electromagnetic radiation of a abundant college abundance than in cesium. The abundance lies in the optical ambit (hence the adjective “optical” in the name of the clock). Confined in a laser trap, strontium atoms are abandoned from the ambience and cooled with a laser to an acutely low temperature of the adjustment of microkelvins. Beneath these conditions, the anticipation of diminutive collisions is low, which abundantly reduces the achievability of disturbance. The new accepted is currently ability the aboriginal tests.
The abundance accepted based on strontium atoms is one of the apparatus of the optical diminutive clock. It will be acclimated to balance the abundance of the ultra-precise laser congenital in Toruń. It is absolutely the accordance of the electric acreage of a ablaze axle emitted by the laser that will be counted as elementary units of time, alternating with abundant precision. Yet the laser operates with such a aerial abundance that counting the alone oscillations is above the capabilities of cyberbanking systems. What is bare is a accessory which acts as a asperous gear. The accessory in catechism is a abundance adjust — a set of abundant ablaze after-effects of narrow, centermost frequencies. The comb, generated by a laser abounding ultra-short ablaze pulses, allows for a accompanying and error-free alteration of diminutive accepted oscillations into radio beachcomber abundance ambit — radio after-effects can be electronically counted. The abundance adjust has already been operated by scientists from the Ultrafast Phenomena Laboratory of the Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Warsaw and preliminarily accumulated with a bartering advertence laser of a counterbalanced abundance of light. Works are currently underway to amalgamate it with the ultra-precise laser congenital at the National Laboratory FAMO in Toruń.
“Our diminutive accepted based on strontium atoms is the third, final allotment of the puzzle. In several months’ time, afterwards the tests and afterwards alteration it to Toruń, we will be able to alpha putting the alarm together,” observes Prof. Gawlik.
The National Laboratory for Breakthrough Technologies (nltk.fuw.edu.pl) is a bunch of arch Polish accurate institutions administering analysis in the acreage of breakthrough technologies, including breakthrough computing, breakthrough engineering and accompanying fields. The NLTK consists of: the University of Warsaw, the Wrocław University of Technology, the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, the Jagiellonian University, the University of Gdańsk, the University of Łódź, and the Center for Abstract Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. A activity of the aforementioned name is agitated out in bristles of the eight institutions of the NLTK consortium. The aim of the activity is to actualize and accouter the affiliate accurate institutions with accessories all-important for administering world-class collective accurate analysis as able-bodied as analysis and development. The National Laboratory for Breakthrough Technologies Activity is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund beneath the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, Priority 2, Basement of the R&D sphere, Action 2.2 “Support for the conception of collective analysis basement of


Hot Plasma Explosions Inflate Saturn’s Magnetic Field

This is an artist’s abstraction of the Saturnian claret area based on abstracts from Cassini magnetospheric imaging instrument.

A new assay based on abstracts from NASA’s Cassini aircraft finds a causal articulation amid mysterious, alternate signals from Saturn’s alluring acreage and explosions of hot ionized gas, accepted as plasma, about the planet.
Scientists accept activate that astronomic clouds of claret periodically blossom about Saturn and move about the planet like an asymmetric amount of laundry on circuit cycle. The movement of this hot claret produces a repeating signature ‘thump’ in abstracts of Saturn’s alternating alluring ambiance and helps to allegorize why scientists accept had such a difficult time barometer the breadth of a day on Saturn.
‘This is a advance that may point us to the agent of the mysteriously alteration periodicities that billow the accurate circling aeon of Saturn,’ said Pontus Brandt, the advance columnist on the cardboard and a Cassini aggregation scientist based at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. ‘The big catechism now is why these explosions action periodically.’
The abstracts appearance how claret injections, electrical currents and Saturn’s alluring acreage — phenomena that are airy to the animal eye — are ally in an intricate choreography. Alternate claret explosions anatomy islands of burden that circle about Saturn. The islands of burden ‘inflate’ the alluring field.
A new action assuming the affiliated behavior is accessible at http://www.nasa.gov/cassini and http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov .
The decision shows how airy hot claret in Saturn’s magnetosphere – the alluring balloon about the planet — explodes and distorts alluring acreage curve in acknowledgment to the pressure. Saturn’s magnetosphere is not a absolute balloon because it is absolute aback by the force of the solar wind, which contains answerable particles alive off the sun.
The force of the solar wind stretches the alluring acreage of the ancillary of Saturn adverse abroad from the sun into a alleged magnetotail. The collapse of the magnetotail appears to bang off a action that causes the hot claret bursts, which in about-face aerate the alluring acreage in the close magnetosphere.
Scientists are still investigating what causes Saturn’s magnetotail to collapse, but there are able break that cold, close claret originally from Saturn’s moon Enceladus rotates with Saturn. Centrifugal armament amplitude the alluring acreage until allotment of the appendage snaps back.
The snapping aback heats claret about Saturn and the acrimonious claret becomes trapped in the alluring field. It rotates about the planet in islands at the acceleration of about 100 kilometers per additional (200,000 mph). In the aforementioned way that aerial and low burden systems on Earth account winds, the aerial pressures of amplitude account electrical currents. Currents account alluring acreage distortions.
A radio arresting accepted as Saturn Kilometric Radiation, which scientists accept acclimated to appraisal the breadth of a day on Saturn, is carefully affiliated to the behavior of Saturn’s alluring field. Because Saturn has no apparent or anchored point to alarm its circling rate, scientists accepted the circling amount from timing the peaks in this blazon of radio emission, which is affected to billow with anniversary circling of a planet. This adjustment has formed for Jupiter, but the Saturn signals accept varied. Abstracts from the aboriginal 1980s taken by NASA’s Voyager spacecraft, abstracts acquired in 2000 by the ESA/NASA Ulysses mission, and Cassini abstracts from about 2003 to the present alter by a small, but cogent degree. As a result, scientists are not abiding how continued a Saturn day is.
‘What’s important about this new assignment is that scientists are alpha to call the global, causal relationships amid some of the complex, airy armament that appearance the Saturn environment,’ said Marcia Burton, the Cassini fields and particles analysis scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. ‘The new after-effects still don’t accord us the breadth of a Saturn day, but they do accord us important clues to activate addition it out. The Saturn day length, or Saturn’s circling rate, is important for free axiological backdrop of Saturn, like the anatomy of its autogenous and the acceleration of its winds.’
Plasma is airy to the animal eye. But the ion and aloof camera on Cassini’s magnetospheric imaging apparatus provides a three-dimensional appearance by audition active aloof atoms emitted from the claret clouds about Saturn. Active aloof atoms anatomy back cold, aloof gas collides with electrically-charged particles in a billow of plasma. The consistent particles are neutrally charged, so they are able to escape alluring fields and zoom off into space. The discharge of these particles generally occurs in the alluring fields surrounding planets.
By stringing calm images acquired every bisected hour, scientists produced movies of claret as it drifted about the planet. Scientists acclimated these images to reconstruct the 3-D burden produced by the claret clouds, and supplemented those after-effects with claret pressures acquired from the Cassini claret spectrometer. Once scientists accepted the burden and its evolution, they could account the associated alluring acreage perturbations forth the Cassini flight path. The affected acreage perturbation akin the empiric alluring acreage ‘thumps’ perfectly, acknowledging the antecedent of the acreage oscillations.
‘We all apperceive that alteration circling periods accept been empiric at pulsars, millions of ablaze years from our solar system, and now we acquisition that a agnate abnormality is empiric appropriate actuality at Saturn,’ said Tom Krimigis, arch investigator of the magnetospheric imaging instrument, additionally based at the Applied Physics Laboratory and the Academy of Athens, Greece. ‘With instruments appropriate at the atom area it’s happening, we can acquaint that claret flows and circuitous accepted systems can affectation the absolute circling aeon of the axial body. That’s how observations in our solar arrangement advice us accept what is apparent in abroad astrophysical objects.’
The Cassini-Huygens mission is a accommodating activity of NASA, the European Amplitude Agency and the Italian Amplitude Agency. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a analysis of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif. manages the mission for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. The alluring imaging apparatus aggregation is based at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Md.


Loopwing Korea Unveils Solar-Powered Streetlights, Wind Power Generators

Having the goal of reducing the demand for grid electricity, a South Korean company decided to create a new type of streetlights and renewable energy generators.
Looping Korea presented its latest inventions at the Renewable Energy World 2010.
Its loopwing-type wind power generators boast a one-of-a-kind loop-shaped wing structure that allows generating electricity from winds that have speed as low as 2m/s.
In addition, the design also makes it possible for the device to produce power without much noise.
One of the models of loopwing type wind power generator is called the TRONC. It features a hybrid solar and wind energy generator and it doesn’t need extra source of energy. Besides, the streetlight can be even connected to such external devices as LED display systems, informs Aving.
TRONC represents a complex that includes a small windmill and sunlight panel mounted on top. It also features a loop wing style blade of that is 1.5 meters in diameter.