Tough Sand Bricks Made Using CO2-Latest Inventions

Researchers from a Japanese construction and design company recently presented a number of strong bricks that are tougher than concrete [...]

Eco-friendly Hovercraft Concept

Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang has come up with a very original concept for Volkswagen called The Volkswagen Aqua, which represents a hovercraft [...]

Soundpower Generates Power from Sound and Vibration

System Which Detects Where You Are Looking

Shizuoka University’s Department of System Engineering presented a “system for detecting where people are looking.” This system uses two video cameras and [...]

Lunchbox-based communication support system

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Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display Concept

Using this system, you can affectation aeronautics and AR agreeable while your buzz is in your pocket. "Most antecedent head-mounted displays accept [...]

Solar-Powered Circuit-Latest Invention

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania managed to come up with a special circuit that in future can become one of the [...]

Robot That Tests Visual Implants for Blind People

The latest apparatus of advisers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a remote-controlled apprentice that was developed to challenge the [...]

Smart Fibres that can Senses and Communicate

Over the last two decades, the use of optical fibres has revolutionised the way the world exchanges and processes information. Optical fibres, [...]

Toward an Optical Atomic Clock: Physicists Develop Atomic Frequency Standard for One of World’s Most Precise Clocks

Polish physicists accept been aiming to body an optical diminutive clock, an acutely absolute accessory with an accurateness of one additional in [...]