World’s lightest and thinnest circuits pave the way for ‘imperceptible electronics’

World's lightest and thinnest circuits pave the way for 'imperceptible electronics'

First self-powered device with wireless data transmission

Scientists are reporting development of the first self-powered nano-device that can transmit data wirelessly over long distances. In a study in ACS's [...]

9-axis Wireless Motion Sensor and SDK

This nine-axis motion sensor comprises three-axis acceleration, angular velocity, and earth's magnetic field sensors. Up to 28 IMU-Zs can be [...]

Shouldermounted Telecommunication Avatar

At Interaction 2011, a research group including members from Keio University demonstrated TEROOS, a shoulder-mounted avatar for telecommunication. "With video chat, people [...]

Bicycle Wheel that Collects and Stores Kinetic Energy

Image via Wikipedia Researchers from MIT came up with a Bluetooth-enabled bicycle wheel. Their new invention allows riders to take advantage of the built-in [...]