Physics Inventions – All New Technology Inventions are Discussed

Get the Movavi Video Recorder For Your Science Videos

Physics is a very interesting topic. Being engaged with physics, you might come across many intriguing flash videos that you [...]

Plastic that turns to clay when heated

Polysis, a specialist developer of polyurethane resins and resin products, markets haplafreely, a plastic that turns to clay when heated [...]

Color affects ethical judgments of brands

University of Oregon and University of Cincinnati researchers have found that everyday shoppers make assumptions about brands that use green [...]

Intense magnetic field found Near supermassive black hole

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has revealed an extremely powerful magnetic field, beyond anything previously detected in the core [...]

Snakes evolved from burrowing ancestor

The research is the newest for you to declare that snakes changed by area lizards which dropped their particular arms [...]

9-megapixel Omnidirectional Camera

This camera, which went on sale overseas in January 2015 and in Japan in February, offers users greater monitoring ability [...]

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