Hydrogen fine structure

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
This is not homework, I am trying learn fine structure.
This site is reliable : http://ift.tt/M8bjE0, can you tell me if the content of "hydrogen fine structure" is still valid or dated?.
Even if it were classical oudated model, I’d like to understand it. Just a few preliminary questions:

– the wavelength of transition 3s => 2p is given as 656.11 or (with reduced mass) 656.47 in the text, but in the picture it becomes 656.3, why that?
– the real values of fine structure are then 656.316 and 656.284?
– B field is indicated (at 2p) 0.4 T while in the third frame it becomes 0.3 T, which is right?

2. Relevant equations
– the right formula to find B is: μ0* qv /4πr2 ?, does it work both in mks and cgs?

I’ll post an attempt at a solution, after your answers

Thanks for your help


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