How the speed of particles are affected

Apologies if this isn’t the right place but I saw a moderators post saying all questions should be posted in this section.
My physics knowledge is at a general A-level standard at the moment, I was curious about something and was just wondering if someone could help me find an answer.

My question: If a container of gas is traveling at a speed, would this affect the energy of the particles ?

I have a brief understanding of some Thermodynamics and I cant seem to find an answer everything I search it talks about the collisions with the surface of the container. I understand the relationship between volume, pressure and temperature with the three gas laws. I could be wrong but temperature is related to the energy of the particles? and the energy is related to the speed of the particles so if the particles (in a container) where traveling at a speed would this affect the speed/energy of the particles?
If I’m not completely wrong, does an equation exist?
I feel like this is a stupid question because I keep thinking about e=mc2 but that would be to work out the energy of the particles right? so I guess my question relates to: does the speed of the container affect the speed of the particles?

Sorry if my question isn’t clear, first time on this forum. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read.

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