finding x and y components of velocity?


A soccer player kicks the ball off the ground at an angle Θ above the horizontal. The ball is in the air for 3.0 seconds and lands 40 m away (assume the field is level).

a) Make a table of x and y components and fill out what you know, based on the problem statement above, and your knowledge of kinematics (don’t calculate anything yet). Draw a box around your table.
b) Now work outside of the box. Find the soccer ball’s initial horizontal (vox) velocity component.
c) Find the soccer ball’s initial vertical (voy) velocity component.



  • d = 40m
  • t = 3s
  • vo = 0m/s
  • a = 0m/s2


  • a = 9.8m/s2
  • t = 3s
  • v = 0m/s

d = vt
40 = 3v
v = 13.3m/s

v = vo – gt
v = 0 – (9.8)(3)
v = -29.4m/s

am I on the right track or am I supposed to find that missing angle?

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