Finding the spring constant of a mass in SHM


This is question from A.P French vibrations and waves, problem 3-1 for anyone whom may have it

An object of mass 1 g is hung from a spring and set in oscillatory motion. At t=0 the displacement is 43.785 cm and the acceleration is -1.7514 cm/sec^2. What is the spring constant?

My attempt:

I thought this problem straight forward and used

ma= -kx

using the numbers above but it gave the wrong answer? And I changed everything into S.I units I should also say

The answer is 0.025 N/m or 25 dyn/cm

I have been messing around with this for a while and gotten no where close to the correct answer!! Rather frustrating considering it is such a straight forward problem

Any help would be great thanks in advanced

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