Finding capacitance

I need guidance calculating the capacitance between two infinitely parallel long wires that are parallel to a large flat metal sheet.

V = 0 at the origin.

Both plane and lines have uniform charge.
Left line: Negative charge density
Right Line: Positive charge density

Radius of lines:a
Distance between lines: L
Distane between lines and plane: D

My attempt.
Find Electric field (El) due to both lines at point P
Find Electric field (Ep) due do plane at point P

E at point P = EP = Ep + El

ΔV(x,y) = -∫EPdy + C
Now solve for C: C = ΔV(0,0) +∫EPdy|(0,0)

Finding capacitance:

C = Q/ΔV
ΔV =
… not sure what to do from here…

Is my approach correct so far?

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