Energy problem involving a projectile (tricky)

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A ball (0.45kg) is kicked at 32m/s, 45° above the horizontal. If the average force of air resistance is
1N, how far will it go?

2. Relevant equations
so I figure you would need energy to solve this question but I’m having trouble finding the total distance it travels, not just the horizontal distance but the parabolic-like distance. Am I on the right track? I have some of the things figured out but I’m finding it a little overwhelming.

3. The attempt at a solution
Loss to friction W=Fd W=(1)d
Ep=mgh=mgdy=(0.45)(9.8)dy for potential energy at maximum

Ek=1/2(0.45)(32)2 for kinetic energy at start

Y direction
Vo= 32 sin 45°= 22.63m/s
to find acceleration (this could be wrong) F=ma= 1=0.45a which means a=2.22 but the y component =1.57+g=11.37 down

X direction
Vo= 22.63m/s
Did the same thing to find a here

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