Electric Field Calculation given three point charges?

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Three point charges are located in an equilateral triangle with side 0.330 cm, where q1 = +8.30 µC, q2 = −8.20 µC, and q3 = +1.90 nC.

A) What is the electric field at the location of q3? Enter the x component, then the y component.

B) What is the force on q3? Enter the x component, then the y component.


2. Relevant equations
|Fe|= (k*|q1|*|q2|)/r^2

k = 8.99*10^9 (N*m^2)/C^2
Fe = Electrostatic force between a pair of charges
r = charge separation
q1, q2 = charge magnitudes
E = electric field
Q = charged object

3. The attempt at a solution

I’ve attempted this many ways and have been incorrect each time. I know the angles at the three points of the triangle will be 60deg. Knowing this and that the sides of the triangle are 0.330cm in length I calculated "r" -> the distance in respect to X and Y from q1 to q3 and from q2 to q3.

I got r(1-3x) = 0.165cm and r(1-3y) = 0.286cm and r(2-3x) = 0.165cm and r(2-3y) = 0.286cm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even to just the first portion would help a lot.


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