Creative Professionals Can Earn Certification to Validate Their Apple Pro Applications Skills

Apple products are among the most widely used in companies around the globe, which makes it a no brainer why Apple would offer certification in numerous products and technologies for all interested individuals. Within their program lie certifications for professional applications, or products that are designed to assist in creative work. Products such as Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Aperture remain the industry standard for jobs in multimedia and visual arts, and becoming certified in these and other products can increase your ability to attain a job and find success as a creative professional.


Certifications are provided for the following products: iWork, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Motion 5, and Aperture 3. They are divided into groups: associate and professional. Two certifications are available at the associate level for iWork and Final Cut Pro X. These Apple certifications, earned by passing a single exam, validate basic entry level skills in the application. They are designed primarily for students or anyone interested in advancing their creative multimedia knowledge with two popular programs. Apple professional level certifications are separated into Level 1 and Level 2, representing the difference in the difficulty and specificity of the material covered. In addition, a master certification can be earned in Logic Pro.

Earning any one of these Apple certifications will demonstrate your expertise of an application and prepare you for a job role that will require you to use it. Whether a student or professional, an Apple certification can increase your credibility, visibility, and versatility in the types of skills you can bring to the table. Take advantage of the training options Apple has available and become skilled in an Apple creative application – it can ultimately be the beginning of a stimulating career.

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