Confused on impulse

I am very confused on these questions…help please 🙂
stuff in () is what I think the answer is but am not sure.
A 100 kg cart and a 200 kg cart move toward each other. The 100 kg cart initially moves at +5 m/s while the 200 kg cart moves at -10 m/s.

1. What is impulse in terms of momentum? (Impulse occurs as force is applied to an object over a period of time. Thus, produces a change in momentum.)

2. How does impulse change if the carts are in contact for a shorter period of time? (if the cart is in contact for shorter period of time, then the impulse would decrease or be shorter.)

3. What is the impulse of the 100kg cart if it moves -3 m/s after collision?

4. What is the of the 200 kg cart after the collision?

5. what would a graph look like to exemplify this scenario?

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