Centre of gravity for multiple objects

Hi. This is my first post so apologies if I do anything wrong.

I have a homework question.

*calculate the distance of the centre of gravity from support A for a framework containing 4 crates at 52kg per crate.

I’ll describe the diagram:

A is on the far left. 3m from A are 2 crates stacked on each other (so 104kg), 6m from A there is another crate, then another crate at 9m from A.
I’m disregarding support B at 12m from A.

My answer is that as the crates ate the same mass, we’ll call them m.
I’ll use x as the unknown distance I’m looking for. So:

3 (2m) + 6 (m) + 9 (m)

19m = 5mx
x = 3.8m

So the centre of gravity is 3.8m from point A.
Am I correct?

As I’ve seen pop up a few times on here I’m studying with ICS and they’re…a little lacking in quality educational material so I’ve had to work it out on my own so if I’m shockingly incorrect a point in the right direction would be great.



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