Smartphone optical data communication technology from Panasonic

Panasonic has developed technology for using an LED as the light source so that smartphones can read optical ID signals containing various [...]

Greaseless bearings that eliminate sliding friction

Bearings are components used to reduce friction so objects can rotate more smoothly. Bearings have a long history; their principle is even [...]

3D Ball Mill Capable of Efficient Pulverization and Mixing with High-speed 3D Motion

Ball mill (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Nagao System developed the 3D Ball Mill, a unique ball mill that has rotation axes [...]

Robot system for keyhole surgery

This is a robot system for keyhole surgery, consisting of a master unit operated by the surgeon, and a slave unit that [...]

The Physics Behind Airplane Flights

Traveling via plane has become a common thing for us that we tend to forget about how amazing the entire process is. [...]

Supercomputers To Stimulate Automotive Aerodynamics

Engineering Faculty of Hokkaido University in January 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hokkaido University and RIKEN AICS are researching aerodynamics simulation, [...]

Predicting Local Wind Pressure on Buildings

The Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation, the results of tests using large wind tunnels are being replicated by ultra-large-scale simulations, using a [...]

Multiscale, Multiphysics simulator of the heart

#122375091 / Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo and a Fujitsu research group have developed a simulator of [...]

Smart Trash Can moves autonomously to catch your trash

This Smart Trash Can, developed by Minoru Kurata, an engineer at a Japanese auto maker, won an Excellence Award at the Japan [...]

“Bendy” light-emitting diode (LED)

"Bendy" light-emitting diode (LED) displays and solar cells crafted with inorganic compound semiconductor micro-rods are moving one step closer to reality, thanks [...]