Light Pollution

Some amateurs have contacted the local and state authorities on light pollution, sky glow, especially stress and its impact on the observation [...]

Advanced Space X-Ray Telescope

The release date will be subject to the effective date of transfer and the results of an independent mid-February of progress towards [...]

Standard Practices Of The Tattoo Industry

Tattoos. Where to get them? How to get them? Who to get them done by? There are a lot of questions and [...]

Mens Trend Garments Are Usually Put On To Invigorate And Also Win Over

Guys who like to look great too, need to be however you like. Using the recent boost in attending to mens style, [...]

Wind turbines: Higher energy yield with torque vectoring gears

Renewable Energy: New transmission concept for wind turbines from the Technical University Munich (TUM). Wind turbines have a problem: Depending [...]

Invention from TUM: Low-Cost Night Vision Device

The Technische Universität München (TUM) invented a night vision device. The invention with the project name "ThermaVision" can be applied in the [...]

Medical mirror By Mit Phd Student Ming-Zher Poh

You can check a person’s vital signs — pulse, respiration and blood pressure — manually or by attaching sensors to the body. [...]

What Is Green Grease?

Students from MIT's Biodiesel team organizes the project, called Green Grease, and they traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil last summer [...]

IceWall NEW Mit News

As part of the Festival of Art, Science and Technology the IceWall instillation consists of blocks of ice stacked on each other, [...]

Self-oscillating gels From Mit Student

Self-oscillating gels are materials that continuously change back and forth between different states — such as color or size — without provocation [...]