Taste Sensor able to Quantifying Tastes

  Human tongue, taste buds for sour are marked (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The human tongue has flavor cells. The surface [...]

The Physics Behind Airplane Flights

Traveling via plane has become a common thing for us that we tend to forget about how amazing the entire process is. [...]

Supercomputers To Stimulate Automotive Aerodynamics

Engineering Faculty of Hokkaido University in January 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hokkaido University and RIKEN AICS are researching aerodynamics simulation, [...]

Predicting Local Wind Pressure on Buildings

The Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation, the results of tests using large wind tunnels are being replicated by ultra-large-scale simulations, using a [...]

World Changing Solar Power Innovations

"Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year." - National [...]

IBIS pneumatic keyhole surgery robot

"A feature of the slave robot is, it's powered entirely by air. Nearly all conventional robots are electrically powered, but by driving [...]

Reverse Engineering the Future with 3D Scanning

Konica Minolta (Photo credit: Wikipedia) From widgets to ancient artifacts, from front-end engineering to retrofitting older equipment the best means [...]

3D Virtual Building Block System Works Without Sensors

A research group at Tsukuba University is developing a virtual building block system. It works by recognizing hand and finger movements with [...]

Electric Cars- Rising Numbers

With petrol being a finite resource and concerns over the state of the wider environment, car manufacturers are looking at ways of [...]

NH3 Into The Planet

One of the unwanted by-products of increasing professional broilers in confinement is the and generate of NH3 into the planet. Ammonia badly [...]