Human-Like Robots to Mimic Human Facial Expressions

British scientists at the University of Bristol developed a copycat robotic head, dubbed Jules. The head is able to mimic the facial expressions and [...]


With the world beginning to get to terms with HD equipment, it is only fitting that the worlds first 3D enabled pocket [...]

Latest Invention: Super-Realistic Virtual Heart

A team of doctors from Heart Hospital in London working in cooperation with computer animators managed to develop a very realistic computer model that allows investigating [...]

Latest Invention: Vending Machine that Suggests Drinks to Customers

In Japan it is possible to find a lot of interesting technical innovations. One of them is a vending machine that recommends buyers the [...]

Wrist-Mountable Flexible OLED Screen Developed for the U.S. Army

The Universal Display Corporation (UDC) said that it managed to create a 4.3-inch, 320 x 240 OLED screen and deliver several devices [...]

Uniquely Designed Steampunk Watch

Another uniquely designed wristwatch - the Romain Jerome Steampunk watch. The amazing watch is limited to 2,012 pieces available at an amazing price of 12,500 Swiss [...]

Control the Humanoid Robot by Kinect

>Last year someone hacked a Microsoft Kinect controller to be able to power the arms of a small human-shaped android. The enterprising hacker is Watani [...]

The ‘Black Box’ Flight Data Recorder

The first prototype coupled FDR/CVR designed with civilian aircraft in mind, for explicit post-crash examination purposes, was produced in 1956 by Dr.David Warren of the Defence Science [...]

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