Brightness Of Full-Color Lippmann Holograms Doubles By DNP

These holograms use a special material to detect red, green, and blue laser light, and full-color holograms are achieved by combining these three primary colors of light. Because they’re easy to design and provide high security, these holograms will be utilized for product authenticity labels and the protection of brand-name goods.

“This card has a hologram embedded in it. Ordinarily, most holograms you see are the silver embossed type, like those on money and credit cards. By contrast, these holograms are an original type developed by DNP called Lippmann holograms. One feature is that they’re fully three-dimensional so they appear in 3D whichever way you look at them.”

They are very difficult to counterfeit because they use special materials and manufacturing processes.

“Worldwide, there are only a few companies that can make Lippmann holograms. So they’re very difficult to counterfeit. They also create a very strong 3D effect, so they provide security that’s understood at a glance.”

Monochrome Lippmann holograms are currently used by over 50 companies, in Japan and worldwide.

English: Photograph of holographic reconstruct...
English: Photograph of holographic reconstructions of two different sections of a broken hologram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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